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Additional Reviews

“Outstanding professionals!”

“I have found Helene Levenfus AuD and Lynn Salzbrenner, Au.D to be outstanding professionals. They are knowledgeable, familiar with new developments in the field new and better products, and very helpful. They are always receptive to my many visits to get the most benefits from my hearing aids.1 can now enjoy concerts, plays, lectures and movies and interactions with family and friends. Thank you Helene and Lynn.”

Bernie S.

“Enjoying hearing again!”

“rom the time I walked into the one at Cedar Audiology, everyone was very friendly. Then, I met Kimberly Gill; I was very nervous about getting hearing aids but she made it all change! We talked and I got what was needed for me. Enjoying hearing again!!!”

S. Klein

“Superior care and be treated with patience, respect, and professionalism!”

“Cedar Audiology exemplifies what a superb company should be to its customers. The staff possesses education of the highest level. They are abreast of the latest technological advances in the products they sell. But most importantly, they have “heart”. They patiently listen to their customers concerns, diagnose hearing loss accurately and recommend devices that can significantly improve one’s ability to function effectively in the world. Several times, I have recommended Cedar Audiology to friends and family. I do so knowing that they will receive superior care and be treated with patience, respect, and professionalism of the utmost degree.”

Natalie E.

“Very patient and efficient!”

“Helene did a wonderful job in helping me to be much more comfortable by transferring sound from my right ear to my left so that I can hear on both sides for the first time in many years. She is very patient and efficient and it is obvious that she cares about her patients’ comfort. My experience has been very pleasant. The office staff helps to make the experience even better.”


“Cedar Audiology has been a pleasure to work with!”

“Kim was patient and thorough in determining how to treat my condition. She has quickly and effectively responded to questions and fine tuning the changes needed to make my hearing aids perform optimally. The whole team at Cedar Audiology has been a pleasure to work with.”

John H.

“Very pleased!”

“When I went lo Cedar Audiology to have my hearing tested, they let me make my own decisions about getting hearing aids and what kind to get. I have been very pleased with the help I have received from them in wearing hearing aids and in the adjustments they made to make the digital aids even better. I have felt their support in my transition to wearing hearing aids!”

J. Smith

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“Highly recommend their services to anyone!”

“I have been using Cedar Audiology Associates, Inc. for more than 20 years. The Audiologists Helene, Kim, and Lynn are competent professionals who are understanding and friendly. Thanks in part to their input and knowledge, I have a cochlear implant. I am so pleased with their accommodation and availability and would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

R. Stern

“Kind and understanding!”

“I would recommend Dr. Gill to anyone! She is kind and understanding. She takes her time with you and makes sure you are completely satisfied before you leave! Love her!”

Jessica B.

“Excellent, very patient, very clear!”

“Dr. Salzbrenner has been excellent, very patient, very clear in instructions. The office staff is also wonderful. Getting used to hearing aids has been easier than I thought it would be. Very glad I found this practice!”


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